Directions for use of appliances


A Hairdryer is available for your convenience; please replace in the ceramic bowl

Clothes airer is for hanging wet swimwear in the shower; the building does not encourage massive amount of putting wet clothes outside.

Please understand the shower is very powerful and if you turn it on too fully the water can overflow especially if you stand on the drain: 
To function: Left hand control - bring forward for large overhead shower or back for the hand held one.  Right hand control is for temperature.

If the water is not draining away please check the drain has not become blocked with hair.  Sometimes people with long hair wash it in the shower and the type of drain used in France is designed to stop anything going down which might block the drains of the whole building. This should not happen as it will be looked at when cleaned once a week.

Washing machine:  please do not change programme if you use.  Press ON and then START, it is a quick and efficient programme with a long spin speed.  Please put two tablespoons of vinegar (located in cupboard under wash hand basin ) in the soap dispenser area to stop lime scale building up.


The ironing board is on the wall covered by a silk cover.  The iron is in the right hand cupboard under the hand basin unit in shower room. 
The shutter winder winds clockwise for opening the shutters.


There is an electric control for shutters in the lounge.  Never leave the Apartment without closing both shutters as you will leave easy access for burglary.

Turn left knob once for grill. Then select timer button (right) for duration.
Oven function turn left knob twice to 3 o’clock position Select temperature second knob, then time function.

If key light is on press to turn off - Select bottom left to turn on - 00 will come next to each ring
Select ring you want - Then +or- to required setting
To turn off, select same switch as to turn on; bottom left.
H is displayed and will stay on until the hob has cooled down.

Rubbish disposal
Turn right outside apartment, walk a few paces past lift and first door on left is rubbish disposal area.

Using the white control you can get some English TV channels

170 – 176 inclusive
410  and other in 400 range for international and BBC programmes.