Transport in Nice


Bike hire is very cheap you can pay at the bike stand or go to the Ligne d'Azur bus office in 3 Rue D’Italie up Avenue Jean Medecine and little road next to the big church and sort it out there. It costs:

  • €1 for one day
  • €5 for a week
  • €10 for a month

There are bike stands all over Nice. It is a cheap and fast way to get around Nice and there is a bike track all along them Promenade des Anglais.


It costs €1.50 per trip however long but if you buy a pass €10 for ten trips at the same office above where you can get bike payments. There is a helpful receptionist there (it opens at 8 am) for enquiries, but if you just want to buy passes you get a ticket in the machine and walk into the back area and wait for your number to come up. You can also buy a €10 carnet of ten tickets about 30 metres from the apartment walking west along Rue de France at the bookshop on the left